Everest 2007 Cybercast: May 22 11:35am - Vern, Bill, and Pa-Rita are At The Top!

May 22nd, 2007 by Firat

From a series of dispatches from the Alpine Ascents 2007 Everest Expedition team.

Ok, Ok, here’s the dispatch you’ve all been waiting for: Vern, Bill Hanlon, and Passang Rita are at the SUMMIT! Well done guys! And yes, this is well within our turn-around time. They have all afternoon to get back to the South Col. They’ll also be happy to know it’s all down hill from here. The weather is holding fine for them – there are the usual afternoon clouds coming up the valley, but they are well below the elevation of the summit. So that makes all clients who started out from the South Col made it to the summit. Now we will be following everyone until they are all safely down to the South Col. We think the first climbers are just now arriving back at the Col. I may be doing a little snoozing, but I’ll be sitting right here by the radio until I hear from them all, and I’ll be passing the news along to all of you.

Ellie at Base Camp

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