Everest 2007 Cybercast: May 22 1:00pm

May 22nd, 2007 by Firat

From a series of dispatches from the Alpine Ascents 2007 Everest Expedition team.

And here’s the second message everyone has been waiting for. I’ve just had word that the entire team except Vern, Bill, and Pa-Rita are back at the South Col. They are climbing into their tents and I suspect some of them are already asleep. I’ve also been told that the wind is picking up and blowing a lot more than it has in the last few days. So we’ll be standing by until we have news that Vern, Bill, and Pa-Rita are also safe back at Camp 4. I have also talked to Amy Bullard. She decided that her breathing would be better if she descended to Camp 2, and that is where she is now. She just had a nap, and will spend the night there before continuing on to Base Camp tomorrow. So she will be here to join our welcoming committee when the rest of the team comes to Base Camp the day after tomorrow.

Ellie at Base Camp

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