Everest 2007 Cybercast: May 24 - Back to Base Camp

May 24th, 2007 by Firat

From a series of dispatches from the Alpine Ascents 2007 Everest Expedition team.

It’s PARTY TIME! Climbers, sherpas, base camp folks, we’re all in Base Camp tonight and it’s time to celebrate. There were whoops, cheers, and even a few tears when everyone walked in to Base Camp this afternoon after an all day trip down through the Western Cwm and the Khumbu Icefall. But everyone is extremely proud of a job well done. So how did people feel???

From Sticky: “This was my third attempt, and I DID IT!!!!!!!
From Todd Macy: “I’m just ecstatic to have summated Everest on my first attempt. I think it was really unique. I’m happy, in good health, and just really happy to have spent a few minutes on the top of the world.”
From Bill: “I may not be fast, but at least I’m slow.”

Maybe I can catch up with a few more people later for more quotes, but right now they’re all dancing and downing cold beer. Unfortunately all the sherpas are getting up at about 5:00am tomorrow to bring down the last loads from Camp 1. The good news is that today they brought down a ton of stuff from Camp 2 to Camp 1, so they only have to go to Camp 1 instead of all the way to Camp 2. That will be the last time through the icefall, which will be a big relief for everyone.

Tomorrow Bill and Firat are starting their journey back to Kathmandu. Everyone else is taking a rest day tomorrow and starting down the next day. So there will probably be more singing and dancing here at Base Camp tomorrow night, and maybe a little more when we are all together again in Namche.

So goodnight for now, I’m off to join the party.

Ellie at Base Camp

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